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Visit Me At My New Place

Hi Blogger loves!  I have not disappeared from the internet, I have simply moved!  Won't you come over yo my new place?  It's purple here!

Thanks Friends!

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Monday, July 30, 2012

A Deal With The Devil... I Mean, Derek

Creating a website is a very maddening undertaking.  I will spare you all the gory Go Daddy related asshole customer service details and their terrible, un-user friendly website with Danica Patrick's smug face plastered all over the damn place and Wordpress hosting and pointing some letter/number/dot combination to your domain name and the internet assuming you know HTML since it is the language used to build websites, after all, and here you are, building a website, so of course you must know it!....I don't want to think about it anymore!! has made some killer progress in the last two days!  Why?  Because I finally realized I am too stupid to figure this internet shit out.

 No, no, it's true....I can't even crack the Wordpress for Dummies book without wanting to burst into tears because I don't understand it (it's the same feeling I have had in every math and science class I have ever taken. Ever.)  I don't have the mind for, ya know, hard things.  Useful things.  Want to talk about ghosts and dolls and black freakin' cats...I'm your gal, but as far as like, smart people things, not silly, spooky things, I super suck.  So, upon making this solid realization and not wanting my domain name purchase and web-hosting purchase to sit and flounder any longer I called upon someone I knew who could do it (since he said he could once I started this endeavor) my brother-in-law, Derek.

I sent him this picture on Sunday:

He texted back, "Are you bribing me?"  So an arrangement was made: In exchange for Magic cards, he was going to use that big Mechanical Engineer brain of his and help me out with the more technical aspects of because Lord knows, I need all the help I can get.

With that being said, go take a peek at our progress!  I have been slacking a bit in the blogging department because of the website taking up my free time, but I am working on getting all my Blogger posts over to the new site so I can start exclusively posting on there.  It may take a few more days, gang, but it'll get there!

In the meantime!  Hark, hark!  I am looking for some people who may be interested in guest blogging....mostly about cryptozoology and Bigfoot-type subjects.  Also, I would love to interview another paranormal investigator along with a mortician and a real estate agent who doesn't mind getting asked some questions about trying to sell haunted houses.

Also, I am tinkering with the idea of creating a marketplace for people who having paranormal, Halloween-related or spooky wares to sell or services to offer....just an idea....put a pin in it, as they say.

In the meantime, is in it's fledgling state!  Thanks everyone!