Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Halloween Weddings

I would have loved to have had a Halloween wedding.  Me and Jim ended up getting hitched the second week of April with lovely hot pink neon green crazy magic fairy garden theme (in my head that's what it was, in reality it was a lot of spray painted hot pink terracotta pots filled with chocolate and my flower girl wore fairy was a $5,000 dollar wedding, don't hate.) I didn't have a Halloween wedding mostly because the idea and the execution of a Halloween wedding are usually two very different things.  And Halloween didn't land on a Saturday in the year I wanted to get married and people usually aren't keen on middle of the week weddings.

 I do love to look at Halloween weddings online though.  The ideal....

Usually turns out to be more like this...

Because A. Most people aren't supermodels with limitless budgets...
and B. Most of us Halloween types just don't know when to quit.  Oh, wait here's another one.

God love them, they're being themselves.

Aside from the bride and groom another aspect of a Halloween wedding that seems to lose perspective is the decor.  A fall themed wedding is one thing, with oranges and reds.  I knew a girl who got married at the end of October and used pumpkins as centerpieces, how cute!  But when you veer into a Halloween-specific themed weddings, well the reception runs the risk of looking like the stock room of a Party City.

And, personally, I feel graveyards have no place at weddings.

Please, don't lean up against my dead relative.  I like to take walks through cemeteries but I do so respectfully, and enjoy the history behind it.  And I certainly don't pose with the monuments....Okay, I did take a picture of this tombstone on a walk last summer because, dear God, how do you pass that up?


Then, with a Halloween wedding comes the question of what to dress the wedding party in.

This isn't terrible.  There is some symmetry to the bridemaids, groomsmens and whatever that gal in the black down in front is suppose to be.

But then you may also run into mishmash if you just let anyone wear whatever they want.  And there is no symmetry or cohesiveness.

For my wedding I wanted all of my bridesmaids to wear fairy wings, but my maid of honor, my sister Cori was like "Hell to the no."  So I quickly but the kibosh on that idea, and just my flower girl wore them.


Just the right amount of cute and costume.

However, a classy Halloween wedding can be done!  I have found some awesome evidence of that!

This offers the same cemetery feel, without, ya know, the dead people.  But an outdoor wedding in October is tricky.

  And holy cow!  Look at that cool cake!  Really, the best thing about Halloween weddings are these cakes.  Google Halloween Wedding Cakes to get all the "Neat-os!" out of your system.

And remember, if you do want to have a Halloween wedding, don't use a Halloween costume for a dress.  Get an actual dress.  It's your wedding, for pete's sake!  (See the beauty of a dress above.) 


  1. Ah, halloween weddings. So many of them involve gravestones and goth make-up. I do love a classy fall/halloween wedding though. The picture of that last table setting is gorgeous and I love that cake. I want to eat it!

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