Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Beautiful Serafina

Of course I have a black cat!

She, like the rest of my pets (another cat, an orange tabby named Ryan and a mish-mash dog named Phineas) is from the Humane Society.  We adopted her a week before Thanksgiving 2009.  Luckily, I waited until after Halloween to adopt her because apparently a lot of animal shelters don't allow people to adopt black cats during the month of October because people are horrible and do horrible things to them.

Serafina really hit the jackpot with us if I may say so myself.  As did all our pets, the dog is currently taking up more of the bed than I am....She is so loved and spoiled and sweet.  Well, most of the time.

 When I was pregnant she would literally follow me around the house.  Up and down the stairs, sit on the mat in the bathroom while I took a bath, slept with me nearly every night.  When my daughter Violet was born she would sleep next to her crib (sometimes in the middle of the day I would bust her sleeping IN the crib) and occasionally outside her bedroom door.  She is a fierce protector of the other females in the house. 

But she doesn't like everybody.  Or most people.  She doesn't even really like the other cat that much, and she scares the dog.  The dog will literally stare at her and wag his tail as an invite for her to play with him, one hiss in his direction he starts to whimper and his head goes to the floor. 

Serafina has inspired my step-son Quinn to be a champion for black cats.  He wrote a paper on the neglect they suffer (black cats are the least adopted animals out of shelters.) And plans to open a shelter just for black cats when he is older. 

And there is this CD we have at the shop that plays during Halloween, and it is so bad and so out-dated, there is a song that is basically a man who is suppose to sound like WolfMan Jack saying "Black cat, black cat Jack attack.." it's terrible, and I sing it to Serafina more often then I would like to. 

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  1. Serafina is the pack leader in your house! As it should be! I love her! Black cats are best! Hobie was a rescue from the Humane Society and when he was adopted, my friend Brendon had to wait til mid-November to pick him up because of how horrible people are. I'm glad the HSUS has that precaution!