Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Love Letter to Leg Avenue

I love a good, slutty costume, emphasis on the GOOD.  If you have the body and the confidence then by all means do it, girl!  And the best purveyor of the slutty costume is Leg Avenue.  I love Leg Avenue costumes.  Are they too short, too low-cut and all-around trampy? My goodness, yes, but are they also cute as hell and creative, oh my, yes!  A lot of people take issue with these types of Halloween costumes because they feel it lacks any kind of original thinking or effort and *pearl clutch!* you can see cleavage and the occasional bum cheek (even though Leg Ave. doesn't encourage bum cheek-age, they sell many quality products to wear underneath there ridiculously short costumes, from ruffle butt panties to boy shorts to pretty crinolines in many colors to choose from.)  And yes, there are many, many, MANY women who wear Leg Avenue costumes who really shouldn't be wearing them, you can bear witness to this if you ever hit up any of the bars in downtown Anoka the Saturday before Halloween.  Some of us corn-fed, Midwestern girls lack discretion when Halloween rolls around, and we do have a strict policy at the shop that if you try on a Leg Ave costumes, if the zipper breaks, hope you know how to sew because you just bought it.  I am one of those corn-fed Midwestern girls who couldn't wear a Leg Ave costume, so I'm not bodysnarking, just being up front.  It takes a certain kind of gal to pull of a Leg Ave. costume.  A thin kind.  All the more reason I love them!  When you see a woman come out of the fitting room in a Leg Ave. costume and it fits her well, and she knows it fits her well, and is thrilled by the fact it fits her well, she looks awesome!  I had a woman come in a few years ago around Halloween time who tried on this number....

She was reluctant at first, thinking it would be too revealing.  That chick came out of the fitting room looking amazing!  And she knew it, and was surprised how great she looked....and we made a $150 dollar sale.  No, Leg Ave. doesn't make cheap costumes.

This past Halloween, Leg Ave. jumped on the Zombie bandwagon.  If there ever was an oxymoron "Sexy Zombie" would be one.  I still can't decide if Leg Ave. effectively pulled it off or not.
 I guess you could wear this one and argue that no, you aren't dressing sexy for Halloween just for the benefit of men, because I don't know what guy would look at that and go, "Oh, yeeeaaaa..."  I'm sure there are a couple....

Ditto Zombie Prom Queen.

My favorite Leg Ave. costumes are the witch costumes, because I love witches and I especially love the cute, pin-up witch style.

If I were to ever attempt a Leg Ave. costume I would get a witch costume.  I would just make sure to order it an XL.

The "Kandy Korn Witch" is a personal fav.

Now, you can get the "tamer' Leg Ave. costume, like this cute little number...

Pair this with a pair of flats and it's almost elementary school appropriate! 

Where Leg Ave. really flexes it's skanky muscles is it's "Fairy Tale" line.  It's basically just the characters name, with "Slutty" in front of it.

Slutty Little Red Riding Hood.

Slutty Cinderella.

Slutty Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  This is just underwear.

Slutty Robin Hood.

And yes, even....

Slutty Tin Man.

Along with the Fairy Tale line, they also offer a Military Line!  It ranges from anywhere to...

Cute USO girl!


This borderline female SS costume.  Uh, might wanna re-think this one, Leg Ave.

This possible Nazi costume isn't the only questionable costume Leg Ave. sells.

Um, girl scout?  Really?  Hmmmm...

And my all time favorite offensive Halloween costume staple....

The sexy squaw.  

But if tight and short costumes aren't your thing, Leg Ave. now offers a line of really cute accessories called Animal Hats.

I am the proud owner of this stunk hat!  And I wear it with exactly that, a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt.

Last month, a few of my co-workers and the shop owner had the opportunity to attend the largest party supply and Halloween convention in Houston this year and got to see the Leg Ave. runway show and said there are some pretty spectacular things from them coming our way this year!  Can't wait!

There are many racy costumes out there during Halloween, but if you want the biggest and best bang for your slutty buck, go with Leg Avenue!  You will look great, and if you don't get too drunk and spill anything on your costume, it's so well made you could wear it for many years to come! 

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