Saturday, March 17, 2012

Irish Actor Love From The Halloween Honey

I have been behind on my blogging ever since my laptop broke!  Yes it broke.  It fell off the back of a chair and the inside screen shattered, like my heart did when it hit the floor.  I was pretty bummed mostly because I had just gotten back from a friend who fixed it for me because it was having a different problem.  Ugh.  Luckily I should be getting a refurbished one on Sunday and back to regular blogging I will be!

In the meantime, I am using my husband's desktop and just wanted to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day!  I do not have a single drop of Irish blood in me, but I do love Irish people and I like to celebrate just about any holiday even if they don't apply to me.

I will be celebrating tonight in the Halloween Capital of the World, of course, Downtown Anoka.  Where the bars are plentiful! And the people of Anoka are really looking for any excuse to have a night of drinking.

I also watched the re-make of Fright Night last night and was reminded of the dreamy Irish actor Colin Farrell.  Oh, swoon.  He is a handsome man.  He also is in one of my Favorite Movies of All Time Ever, The New World.  In case you can't conjure up a mental image of Mr. Farrell allow me to assist:

 Look out for those eyebrows!

Much like in those If You Give a Mouse a Cookie books, Colin Farrell then reminded me of another one of my favorite Irish actors, Cillian Murphy:

 Most people recognize him as "that creepy guy in things."  Which he does quite well, but he's also played not-so-creepy guys in 28 Days Later, Intermission, and Inception just to name a few.

Then, I thought of the King of Irish Actors (known to Americans....) Liam Neeson!

I have a weird kind of crush on Liam Neeson due to mandatory repeated viewings of Schindler's List while I was in high school (so inappropriate.) But man, am I ever enjoy his second-wind as an oldish-man-out-for-revenge action star!  Love it!

Who are some great Irish actors I'm leaving out?   I know I am leaving out the wonderful Brenden Gleeson, he's great in everything he's in.  Also, Gabriel Byrne for The Usual Suspects alone.  And why is it that I can't think of any Irish actresses off the top o' my head?  Hmmm...

Well I hope everyone has a fun and safe St. Patrick's Day no matter what you are doing!  And if you plan to be imbibing in a little alcohol DON'T DRIVE!  BE SAFE!

Happy St. Patty's Day!  

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  1. I love the Irish! I have a bit of Irish in my from my Mom's side. Here is my favorite Irish actor - and he has the most Irish of names which is simply delightful! Aidan Turner!