Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Door To Nowhere

I was asked to collaborate with a friend on an exciting new project today so my mind is all a-flutter!  But, I did want to share something a little weird with all of you.  The mysterious Door To Nowhere.  Doors To Nowhere are no big deal if you are in the Winchester Mansion or if you are on some sort of strange Alice in Wonderland type acid trip, and are probably quite prevalent in older towns where construction is happening frequently, like this one! 

This odd Door To Nowhere hangs out in Historic Downtown Anoka on Second Avenue across from the most delicious Two Scoops Ice Cream Shop.  I used to work in this particular building in 2001 when it was a law firm (I was the 17-year-old receptionist!) Both the upstairs and downstairs of this building was utilized, and I know we had offices that far back in the building, but I don't ever remember seeing the (obviously, hopefully....) sealed Door To Nowhere ever in my time there.  Clearly, someone still occupies that space though, with the lights and American flag.   

Here is a wide shot of the door to nowhere that I took while sitting in my car like I was Carmen San Diego or something.  I am not sure what these building used to be in years prior, but for as long as I can remember that music store and Cowboy Mel's Barber Shop has always occupied the space at street level.

Fun story!  If you look to the left at street level you will see a doorway.  That doorway has a very long staircase that leads to the upper story.  I fell down those stairs one day at work.  I tripped over my long skirt and clunky early 2000's shoes I was wearing and did a somersault and a half down the old staircase.  I slammed my head against the door at street level.  It was more embarrassing than painful.  After a few people ran to the top of the staircase, I waved away their concerns with my hand and stumbled to my car.  Even though I was a bit dizzy I drove to my mother's work, which is about half a mile from Second Ave.  I told her what happened, to which she said, "Why are you driving?!"  I was a teenager!  My decision-making abilities hadn't yet matured.  I went back to work (still driving...) and filled out an accident report, then left for the day (driving again, natch.  How else was I suppose to get home?)

For some reason I thought this Door To Nowhere thing would have some kind of fan base, or appreciation club at least, apparently not....Google Image Search and Tumblr both came up a bit disappointingly short on other pictures of Doors To Nowhere.

Along with my new, fun project (that is very much like this blog) I am also crafting and researching a blog for The Halloween Honey about communicating with the dead and mediums.  Hopefully, I will be finished with that blog by Friday, we will see.  In the meantime, anyone else have some creepy cool Doors To Nowhere to share?  Screw it, if there isn't already a Door To Nowhere Appreciation Club I'm going to start one myself! 

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  1. Haha on top of having 17-year-old decision-making skills you probably had concussion-based decision-making skills. Ouch.

    I wonder what that building used to be back in the day? That door is so cool! Maybe there was a wrap around deck like it used to be apartments or something with decks. Who knows! I wonder if the Anoka Historical Society would have info on what that building used to be?