Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pin-Up Halloween

I may be recovering from my St. Patrick Day's shenanigans I partook in last night, but that doesn't mean I can't blog...from bed while watching TV (um, now that I realized Ralph Fiennes is in Wrath of the Titans I suddenly want to see it.)

Since my focus is already splintered between my laptop, the TV screen and a hangover I am going to keep the blog short and sweet.  And sexy!  Pin-up Halloween!

I am a big fan of the pin-up girl aesthetic.  They are revealing and sexy pictures of girls but they are silly pictures, almost accidental.  Like, "Whoops, my boob slipped out!"  They aren't the titillating pictures of today where all the women have their mouths hanging open or making that unfortunate duck face.  Speaking of duck face, and God love Jenna Jameson, but she is a a huge perpetrator of the duck face look, but have you ever seen the movie Zombie Strippers?  My sister bought it for my husband for Christmas a few years ago and we watched it one night and Jenna didn't have a shirt on the entire movie (like all her movies) it became so weird how you are no longer like "hey, that chick doesn't have a shirt on."  ...Modern day pin-up pictures are like that (unless they are done in the vintage style) like "Here are my boobies, but it's no big deal."  And believe me, I don't think boobies are a big deal, I've breast-fed in front of everyone, including my brother-in-law who ate Greek food while watching me like I was a TV show, but boobies for sexy purposes and not feeding purposes, should be a big deal.  You should be like "*Gasp* a booby!" and not like, "Oh well, another pair of ta-tas."  I just re-read this paragraph and I typed "boobies" a lot.  Boobies.

Okay, before this blog gets anymore off course and rambling (don't get me started on vaginas...) Here is my most favorite Halloween pin-up picture, which I have stolen and use it as my profile picture on a few social networking sites and the background for this blog:

   I tried to find out as much as I could about this photo, but the only thing I stumbled across was the names of the model, Nancy Grey.  I then Googled her name and absolutely nothing came up about her.  Which was kind of disappointing.  I was hoping to read all about Nancy Grey and how she did pin-up shoots when she was younger and went on the be some sort of rich heiress or something equally glamorous.

This is also a favorite:

 I love the shadow on the black cat on the fence.  That is a cool, classic camera trick.  I also love this model, she's a babe!  Dare I attempt the high waisted shorts look this summer?

 This is a very iconic Halloween pin up, I have even seen this image tattooed on people before.

  And here is Ms. Betty Grable getting a good scare on Halloween.  I love her shoes.  Why don't they make heels at that height anymore?  I can't walk in that platform stiletto shit. 

Oh, ya know, just bathing in the cauldron, like you do.  These is actually great because the old crone mask hanging up with all the rest of her witch accessories.

My favorite part of this is her cape, obviously, as the skeleton's smile.

If these pictures teach us anything it's that Halloween has always been a sexy lady's holiday.  Are there any great Halloween pin-up pictures I'm missing?  Let me know! Email me at Or   Find me on Twitter @1halloweenhoney! 

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