Monday, March 26, 2012

Medium Musings

Yesterday afternoon after all my Sunday chores (clean the house, walk the dog, finishing this Say Yes To The Dress marathon...) I got sucked into the marathon of Long Island Medium.  I hadn't ever seen the show since I usually only watch wedding dress related programming on TLC.  I kept the channel on though out of curiosity, and the accent.  I ended up really like the show and the medium, Theresa Caputo.  She's loud, likeable, friendly and seemed incredibly legit.  I am full aware that a TV show can benefit from editing to make things look however the producers want them to look, but I really hope she's legit, if not she's playing a horrible trick on some vulnerable people, but I doubt it.  I may have been suckered in by her personality or attitude, but I really, really liked her!  I cried more than once watching it, especially when Theresa was doing a group reading and got a read on a woman whose infant daughter died at 19 days old.  The daughter spoke to the mother through Theresa and told her that she acknowledges all the angel statues and figurines the mother now collects is in memory of her.  Like I said, if she's not the real deal, she is doing something truly terrible to some people.

Personally, I've always been a little hesitate about going to a psychic medium or anything like that.  In fact, at Party Papers one of the women I work with is a psychic medium (you can even hire her for parties!) but thankfully, if she ever got a "read" on me, she never told me.  I guess I am just afraid to get bad news.  Maybe she senses this and just decides not to tell me when she picks something up....I guess I don't know how all this medium stuff works.     

My mother went to see a very well-known psychic medium in Minnesota many years ago, the session was recorded and I remember her listening to it a few times behind closed doors, but beyond that she never told me what the psychic had to say to her.

My interest in seeing a psychic medium has been ignited in these last few years.  I no longer fear "bad news" as it were.  I think it would be kind of interesting, now that I have a daughter, to see what is in store for her and I.

Speaking of my daughter, a group of us went on the Ghosts of Anoka tour this past summer before I was a docent and during the first stop my daughter Violet, who was 10 months at the time, was doing her babbling thing.  The docent leading our tour informed me that young children who chatter during the tour are usually communicating with the spirits that go on the tour with us.  Thanks, lady.

Later, my friend Kristi informed me she noticed Violet waving at no one a few times throughout the tour.  Does this bother me?  Not really.  Do I believe it?  Meh....I've heard that children are more receptive to the "spirit world" than adults, but Violet talks to herself all the time so either my house is chalk full of spirits or she's just a chatterbox in the making.  However, last March my husband's aunt Cheryl passed away after a long battle with cancer.  She was a very talented artist and one of the last projects she did was a pencil drawing on me and Violet which now hangs in our upstairs TV room. A month or two after Cheryl past (Violet would have been about six months at the time) I was holding Violet and she was facing the drawing, and started laughing and laughing, even though I wasn't doing anything to make her laugh and she couldn't see my face (my face is very hysterical) I believe that was a visit from Cheryl for Violet only.

If Violet keeps up these kinds of things would I encourage it?  Hell yeah I would!  That's cool! 

Now, I am contemplating getting a group of friends and family together for a group reading with a psychic medium here in Minnesota, but holy guac, it's expensive.  Plus, knowing my friends and family we'd all be tipsy on wine before the poor lady even showed up.

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  1. Drunk reading! Wow, wouldn't that be something?

    Man, I love Long Island Medium. I always end up in tears throughout and thinking the same thing as you are - if she isn't legit - and is purposely doing this it's a pretty terrible thing to do to vulnerable people. But she seems to not be taking advantage of people. I love her family who is partly convinced she's completely crazy. They are hilarious!

    I definitely remember Violet waving at nobody! That was interesting!