Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tell Me A Ghost Story

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  1. Bah! I just commented and then my browser stole my comment! Anyways, I was saying that I love these types of shows - and ghost stories. Though the only ghost hunting show I watch is the first one, "Ghost Hunters" because they approach it from the skeptic point of view and are a bit more sciencey and therefore it doesn't get as scary. They're not running around yelling "Oh, sh*t!" and panicking like a lot of the others. Though they've caught some freaky unexplainable shiz on camera and definitely on EVP that has kept me up o'nights and not wanting to turn the light off.

    I love how the one common theme amongst all ghost hunting shows is that the small person, whether they are male or female is always the one that gets stuck in the crematorium/coffin/freezer/morgue drawer/overhead vent by themselves for a couple hours to see whats going on. This is why I could never be a ghost hunter - because I'd definitely be the one they'd make go in the small place for hours. What if I have to pee? Where can I go if some icy hands grab me? They better have a body guard outside waiting to pull me out!