Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Witch House

It was 74 degrees in Minnesota today!  74 degrees!  I spent the majority of my day outdoors with my daughter, step-son, niece and husband and it was glorious!  Here is picture of my step-son Quinn on his longboard on our lovely walk in the park by the river today:

He is on spring break this week, we don't just pull him out of school willy-nilly.  Well, sometimes we do.

But after a long day outside it's always so nice to come home to my lovely home.  We have all the windows and front door open and we are getting such a beautiful breeze after being cooped up all winter.  I was going to say that is was a long winter but it just wasn't.  It wasn't all that cold and it snowed, but not as much as usual.  It was a very mild winter, but it's hard to escape that "cooped up" feeling that come with the winter months.

Luckily, in my house, it's October all the time!  I am very, very slowing re-decorating my living room (or, decorating my living room since we've been in our house two years and we still have blank walls here and there) without my husband noticing in a very witch-y theme.  I started out slowly...

Leaving out decidedly Halloween-ish knick-knacks on the bookshelf all year round.  Maybe they just don't get put away with the rest of the decorations...

Then my Mother-In-Law helped with a gift she gave me.  A Kitchen Witch!  A Kitchen Witch is a Scandinavian tradition of placing a traditional witch in the kitchen to ward off bad luck and evil spirits.  My Mother-In-Law is very Norwegian.

Here is my Kitchen Witch that hangs over my sink.  The Kitchen Witch is intended to hang out all year round, so she's not even a Halloween decoration, technically.

Next, my Dad helped my cause with giving me this sign for Christmas!  Totally unbeknownst to me!

Clearly, my family is well aware of my affinity for witch-y things.  Since this is a gift there is no way it was going to be banished to the Halloween decoration bin for 9 months out of the year!  (I put Halloween decorations out in August...)

So now it lives on the wall....

Above the couch!

The broom is a touch I thought of one night when my husband and I were discussing what to put under the sign since we felt it was still a little bare.  I bought it at Party Papers when I was working one nigh for four dollars.

Next, I found this cute little sign on Etsy and I couldn't resist.

Here is my daughter holding it for me (she also loves her cat, according to her T-shirt.)  I told my sister what it says, "Not every witch lives in Salem."  "I like it," my sister said, "It sounds like a threat."

It found it's home on the wall by the entry way.  You can't see the sign until you are properly in the living room.

It's small and subtle and I love it!

Finally, the only actually Halloween decorations that I keep out all year are the signs that hang in the entry way.  They are cheap tin signs I got at Target about two years ago.  I am looking to replace them with something a little more solid and less "decoration-y" looking, but I do like them.

 I just did leave them up after Halloween purposely not putting them in the decorations bin.

My husband is now on board with the witch theme, because he really doesn't have a choice, so now I am looking for the perfect sign to hang in the entry way and I have been searching Etsy like mad.

I hope you enjoyed my house!  

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