Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wiggity Wiggity What!

Tonight I worked at my happy place, Party Papers, for a few hours.  I did something that I don't normally do while I am on the clock, mostly because we aren't suppose to, I tried on a wig!  A few weeks ago we got in this line of Anime wigs that some of my co-workers ordered while they were at the costume convention in Houston in January.  I don't know anything about Anime.  I know that it is Japanese and looks like it would be loud.  But there are some hardcore lovers of it out there and cosplayers that DO NOT mess around when it comes to their costumes, so we wanted to be a retailer that they could come to for authenticity and be able to take pride in the costumes they create with our products.  Wigs, however, I do have an appreciation for.  I love wigs. I have several that I wear on an occasion whenever I feel I can get away with wearing a wig (mostly Halloween, maybe the Renaissances Festival, I did rock a pink one to a New Year's Eve celebration a few years ago.) But a good wig is an expensive wig, so it's not like I have an outlandish collection.  The wig I tried on tonight was so very beautiful.  Here is a pic: (full disclosure, I LOOK TERRIBLE!  So try not to look at my face, look at the wig)

 Would you look at those curls!  Now, I am not sure why this is considered an Anime wig.  I assume this hairstyle is popular in that genre.  This is the only Anime wig that we sell that doesn't have something kind of strange about it.  Here is the display at our shop of the entire line:

When I first came in to work after this display was set-up I spent maybe a good two minutes working on the dark red wig in the back left corner.  You can't see it in the picture but in the bangs there is a single piece of hair that flips up.  It looks like a mistake, I assumed it was, than my co-worker Megan came by me and was like, "Yea, it's suppose to me like that."  Say whaaaa?

Aside from the Goldilocks wig, my other favorite is this one:

A friend of mine pointed out that is was very Sailor Moon-esque.  That's Anime, right?  Not only are these wigs beautiful, they are different from some of the other ones we sell because they are soft.  Some wigs tend to be a bit course, but these aren't.   

Now, let's get back to why I look so terrible as a blonde.  How is that possible?  My mother is a blonde...

(Fun fact, this photo was taken at my step-son's school Halloween party.  Mom isn't looking at the camera because she is about to yell at some kids goofing around in the corner.)   

But clearly I look more like my father....

Why is the only picture I could find of my Dad that illustrates his red hair from the '70's?


  1. Some of those wigs look Loli:

    One of my friends is HUGE into the anime and loli cosplaying scene. Her wigs and clothes are gorgeous!

  2. Careful, Lolita (gothy) can be diffreent for Loli (prepubescent) cosplay.