Friday, May 4, 2012

Coming Soon...Dark Shadows!

Let me just begin by patting myself on the back.  I just successfully put two toddlers to bed (one 18 months, one 15 months, respectively) without too much incident.  Yes, I do have my daughter and niece everyday (well, my niece from 8am to 5pm) and we nap without a problem in the middle of the day the majority of the time, but that usually consists of the three of us cuddling on the couch for a good hour and me napping right along with them like much kittens and their mama cat.  But, bedtime is different.  Since I don't make it a habit to go to sleep for the night at 8pm, they have to sleep independently of me and they are!  Hooray!

Why do I have my niece tonight, you ask?  Well, my sister and her husband, along with my husband, step-son and some friends of ours are out seeing The Avengers!  Now, why oh why wouldn't I want to go to that, you may ask.  Simply answer, "Meh." Yeah, I am so lukewarm on this movie it's not even funny.  I like comic book movies, I LOVE the new Batman movies (so much so I have read a Batman graphic novel or two in the last few years) and I did like the Iron Man movies, but beyond that I haven't seen any of the other movies that introduced the rest of the Avenger group, nor do I care to.  I am kinda over the whole Superhero genre at this point.  Of course, I will be the first one in line, like a day or two after it comes out.... for the new Batman movie later this summer and I have a vague interest in the the totally pointless Spider-man reboot with Andrew Garfield, mostly because I think he's kind of cute (even though I heard there was a huge press to have Donald Glover from Community play the new Peter Parker/Spider-man, and that would have been so awesome.  I think he is just about the cutest thing ever.)  So, here I sit, trying to be quiet, blogging, listening to Pandora radio with two sleeping toddlers and a zonked out dog who almost barked at the neighbors coming home, dear god, I would have killed him! (Not really.)

Now, I fully intend to bank in on my babysitting deeds with my sister in the next week when the new Dark Shadows movie comes out!  Woot!  Now, that, I am excited about.  Not because I am a Tim Burton die-hard or anything like that (my favorite movie of his is Corpse Bride, which deserves a blog post all on its own) and yes, like a lot of movie-goers I am too am growing wary of Johnny Depp wearing kooky costumes and chomping on scenery like he hasn't eaten in months in every movie he has been in lately.  I am excited for Dark Shadows because as a kid my mom used to make me and my sister watch that weird show with her in re-runs.  Not only do I remember the hazy-looking original from the 1960's, we also were avid watchers of the early '90's re-boot that only me and my sister seem to remember.  It must have existed though because it is on the imdb.  It aired in 1991 when I was eight, and Mom let me stay up to watch it (have I mentioned what a huge influence she has been on me and my interest in the paranormal? ) and all I really remember is the huge dresses the women wore and a wrought iron fence that surrounded Collinwood Manor.  I knew it was a show for grown-ups and I knew I probably shouldn't be watching it, which made me love it even more.  It was appointment viewing, but apparently we were the only ones watching it because it didn't live to see a second seasons.

A few years ago I bought Mom the original Dark Shadows series on DVD and I said I would watch them with her.  Like a good, dutiful daughter, I did.  That show was....not good.  So hazy!  And the camera work was beyond shoddy.  Sometimes they would totally miss actors completely or cut off half their faces.  Ah, the 1960's TV.  Sock it to me, amirite?!

However, the crappy TV show isn't the only reason I want to see the Dark Shadows movie, it also has a kick-ass supporting cast.  Michelle Pfieffer is so beautiful it should be illegal and I wanted to name my daughter after Helena Bonham Carter but was shut down a several levels, Johnny Lee Miller!  Who who knows who Johnny Lee Miller is doesn't love Johnny Lee Miller?  And someone made the mistake of once saying I kinda maybe looked like Eva Green.  World's  Biggest. And. Most. Inaccurate. Compliment.  But, hey, I'll take it.  I am pretty pumped.

Speaking of Johnny Depp movies, here is my two cents.  The best Johnny Depp movie is Blow.  Never have I seen a movie that actually made me want to do drugs.  So glamorous and fun!  Nice work, everyone.  It reminds me of when my daughter was a newborn and we would be up at 3am for a feeding and it was on TV and long after she fell asleep I would (like an idiot) stay up to just get to the montage of cocaine debauchery set to Lynyrd Skynrd's "That Smell."  Such a good soundtrack too!

Can you tell I really just wanted to blog because I'm so thrilled both the girls went to sleep for me?!

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