Monday, May 14, 2012

Psychic Party Round-Up

Yes!  I'm blogging!  How did I get this opportunity, you may ask?  Well, I had it coming to me.  Yesterday was Mother's Day, and while yes, I did have the chance to sleep until ten am, it was still an incredibly busy day with love of my life 18 month old daughter visiting all the Grandma's we and she are related to.  And as we were about to leave standing in the backyard at my mother-in-law's house and my husband was painting a picture of what I was going to be able to do when I got home, "glass of wine, bath, blog...." as I began to daydream, barely gripping the leash of my K9 baby Phineas, picturing myself relaxed and quiet...out from the house sprang Hermione, my MIL's little yipper dog.  Phineas took off like a bullet after her, and to preserve my arm from leaving it's socket, I simply let go of the leash.  Hermione circled around me, and around came Finn, trailing his his nylon retractable leash that hadn't retracted, around my ankles they both went, the leash wrapped around, and Finn still continued to chase Hermione at full steam ahead.  Down I went, and eventually the leash unwrapped itself, but I was left with a stingy, painful burn on both my ankles leaving it very difficult for me to walk.  I didn't cry though!  I made sure of that since about seven children circled me as I was on the ground waiting for my reaction.  I held it together (until I got into the car) What a champ!  And a bath was out of the question for me, but I did have a glass of wine dammit, and read my book, since I was feeling too sorry for myself to write.

Now today, since I'm still a bit dodgy on the whole walking situation, my husband had to stay home from work to help me wrangle our daughter and niece.  I just kicked him and the kids out of the house to enjoy the beautiful day before it got too hot...and now it is so silent and nice in the house and I am pretending today in my own special Mother's Day, so blogging I am!  And let me tell you all about my Psychic Party I had on Saturday!

Saturday night I had a little girls get-together for a general celebration of women on Mother's Day Weekend.  I asked the psychic, a great woman named Ardys who I have known for the last five years if she would come out of retirement and do a little reading for a small group of friends as a personal favor to me.  She was more than willing to, which was wonderful!  Ardys was a professional psychic for 30 years but decided to quit after she was starting to run into too many sad and scary situations.  She even read for one man who she knew was going to kill someone, and didn't know what to do about it.  She told the man, "you have a lot of anger."  But who knows whatever came of that situation.  But, Ardys had long since retired and was working at Party Papers on a part time basis for about 20 years.  She said she still does pick up on things for people, but only approaches them if she feels it is a health risk and they need to see their doctor.  She told me when people usually ask her to do readings for them she says no, but she said to me, "When I do agree to do readings I usually know that I am doing them for a reason."  I relayed this comment to the rest of the group, which freaked them out for some reason.  I guess you had to have heard her say it, because the context wasn't ominous or scary.  She was a positive!  But, alot of the women I had over were a bit on the nervous side.

We all gathered about an hour or so before Ardys arrived and made inane chit-chat.  For some reason we were all talking about how we have never baked bread from scratch and how, while delicious, homemade bread is a waste of time.  It was a flippant conversation that had nothing to do with anything.  Ardys arrives, and askes, "Is anyone pregnant?"  None of us are (or none of us think we are I guess I should say) and then she said, "Were you guys actually talking about baking bread?"  Holy cats!  She laughed, "I didn't think it was actually that, I thought it was more of a 'bun in the oven' thing but I saw bread baking."  So she instructed all of us to make homemade bread because you learn life lessons when you bake bread.  Duly noted.

Since everyone else was a bit on the hesitant side, I volunteered to go first since I knew Ardys personally.  We went in to my kitchen (where she told me to set her up since, "kitchens have good karma.") and we began my reading.  The way she does it is by touch.  It's like a mix of palmistry and psychic touch (I know there is a technical term for this, but I don't remember what she called it.)  She first told me how weird my hands are (because they totally are) and told me what a mixed personality I am.  I attributed this to my intense Gemini-ness.  We also discussed some personal issues about how I try to take on too much and so on and so forth, and how I need to ask for help more (which is something my sister tells me quite frequently) and how she sees me near the ocean sometime next year.  Woot!  Road trip!  We had a good session and I felt I was given a lot of insight and made to feel like I can make some positive changes in my life a little bit.  No big overhaul required.  She then said, "I feel like you have a question I didn't answer."  And I told her that since I am such an avid writer and I enjoy it so much will I have ever have any kind of success with it.  To which she replied, "if you make your world bigger, you will."  Ardys then asked me, "I feel like you have started to write about one thing in particular but I can't see what it is."  And I told her that I was trying to learn more and write more about the paranormal since it is something that interests me and has interested me since I was a child.  To which she replied, "Don't get taken in by charlatans."  That surprised me a bit.  She continued, "And when you are searching out things to read about the paranormal and that sort of thing, try to read older books.  Go to the library and see what kind of older things they have, if that makes any sense."  And then she noted how it's good for me to be alone like when I go to the cemetery.  Wow!  I often don't tell  alot of people I tent to walk to the cemetery, because it's kinda like, weirdo behavior, but hell, I'm gonna do it more often now!  I was very pleased with my reading and found it to be very accurate.

As for the rest of the group, since it's personal information I'm not going to go through a list of names and what they were told, but they all found her to be spot-on, good, bad or otherwise.  I am so happy that things worked out they way they did and she was the real deal.  Not that I didn't think she was, but like I said, I had known and worked with Ardys for five years and she never "read" me or told me anything that would be perceived as psychic information.  She also told me burning sage before hand was an excellent idea!  Cleansing!

Also, I hit up Trader Joe's before the festivities and managed to get all kinds of yummy cheeses, crackers dips and bread to feed ten people all for under 30 dollars!  So here is an unpaid advertisement for Trader Joe's!  If you ever going to have a party, get your snacks there!  Plus, 3 Buck Chuck.

The thing that Ardys told me that stands out the most (that has to do directly with this blog, I should say) is to not be taken in my charlatans.  This struck me, first and foremost by the use of the word "charlatan."  What a great word!  But, also, I thought back to to who and what I have met or done so far in my pursuit of knowledge when it comes to the paranormal.  I went to a GhostHunting Class, but I felt that those guys were very sincere and passionate about what they did, and I've had Ardys over for a psychic reading, but she herself was the one to tell me not to be taken in.  Hmmm...I do watch a lot of TV shows about ghosts and ghost huntings, and a lot of paranormal shows in general, but I don't always 100 percent believe everything I am seeing, could those be the charlatans she's talking about?  Or am I yet to encounter them in the my little path I am going down?  Maybe it was a bit of a warning.  Maybe as I attempt to make my world bigger to improve my writing skills I will come in contact with more people who are full of it, which is true in any case, not just in pursing an interest in the paranormal.  I think if you were pursing say, a hobby of collecting basball cards, the more people you meet the more likely you are going to run into someone who tries to sell you a counterfeit card.

I think that is the beauty of a psychic reading.  It's all in the personal interpreitation.  And I think the first thing you attribute whatever you have been told to is the first thing in your life your probably need to work on, or need help with.

In my quest to learn and experience more about the paranormal I will now forever be on the lookout of charlatans.  And I better get into some kind of swimsuit ready shape if I'm going to the ocean next year!

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