Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Halloween Hottie of the Day-Werewolf/Male Stripper Edition

This one is for the ladies.  Joe Manganiello (um, I totally spelled that correctly when I typed his name into Google, btw.  I haz da good spelling.) Joe is most famous for playing hick werewolf Alcide on HBO's ridiculous nighttime soap True Blood (and he also said one of my favorite lines from that show, "Shut the fuckin' door!" Heh.) but he is also going to be in Magic Mike!  Which I am going to see on Friday with other assorted horny ladies!  Check it!  He's a fox.


  1. He's just ridiculous. RIDICULOUS. I want one.

  2. Also, have you seen the clip from The Soup where Kylie Minogue eats Doritos off his "beer gut"? Comedy gold.

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