Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Why Fall Is Best

It's hotter than a mothertrucker in the great state of Minnesota today.  We are even in for a heat advisory this afternoon!  Whew!  By the end of June I'm usually ready for summer to be over with anyways.  But there are at least two and half months left (it stays fairly steamy well into September 'round these parts) and I'm already yearning for fall.

Fall brings all the good things, crisp hoodie weather, pumpkin spice lattes, kids regulated back to government-run learning institutions where they belong, no more nose-running air conditioning but no furnace fired up either.  Delicious candle scent options are made available with imagination-provoking names such as Harvest Welcome, Treehouse Memories and Apple Pumpkin (those are taken directly from the Yankee Candle website.)  All the best colors appear in the fall, burnt orange, a pale yellow, browns and greens of varying vibrancy.  An excuse to make chili again!  And grilled cheese and tomato soup without feeling ridiculous!  And of course, Halloween is in the air.

Everyone is a in a nice and spooky mood in the fall.  No one blinks twice at a fake arm popping out of someone's front yard, spiderwebs strewn across a front porch, stickers of black cats and ghosts in people's windows, the Grim Reaper greeting you at the front door and pumpkins, gourds, and other oddly misshapen vegetable that can be made to look like scary faces.  People are more interested in and willing to believe in the paranormal and embrace ancient traditions that have long been pounded out of us by various overbearing institutions in our society.  Oh, and bonfires.  I love a good, possibly dangerous bonfire in someone's backyard, especially when the fire is used to get rid of old furniture (we have utilized bonfires twice for this.)

So, if you are like me and done with the summer (it's only June 27th...ugh) Below are some pictures I have found for us to gaze longingly at and try to remain forever in the fall mind frame, because fall is where it's at!

I'm cooled off just looking at this picture.  Of course that could just be the air conditioning at this Caribou I'm sitting in.  

Good Gourd! 

These people are living the dream right here.  

It's weird when you type "Trick or Treating" into Google Image Search and this picture of Brad Pitt dressed as DJ Lance Rock comes up, right? 

One day I'll have a front porch like this and keep it decorated like this all year round!  

And needless to say, this is one of my favorite pictures of my daughter Violet of all time.  Here she in, nearly 12 months last fall.  (Oh, yes, I had my child in the fall, November 9th, that's another reason fall is better.)

 Okay, summer, GTFO.  

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