Wednesday, June 20, 2012

RPG-ing With Ghosts

As part of my goal to "make my world bigger" as the psychic told me to do, I somehow got suckered into playing a Role Playing Game.  No, no, it's not as sexy as you think.  It's all dice and books an pencils and math.  My husband Jim is an avid player, as is my brother-in-aw Derek.  So, Derek thought it would be fun if he could write up a game for us to play!  About ghosts!  Because I am into that sort of thing!

Here is what I don't understand.  He wrote the game, he named it and all that jazz.  But we create the characters, which is what we did tonight before we went out for my birthday dinner (today is my birthday!) And also, he wrote the game, but he used the World of Darkness set of rules.  None of this I understand, but whatever.  I'll sure I will learn quickly on Friday night when we actually play.

In the game, Jim and I are a two-person paranormal investigation team who have a very local TV show.  I am the on-air personality while Jim is playing some gruff, anti-social camera guy.  I even gave my character a cool TV name, Susie Cross.  Ha!  So, anyways, I made my character tonight filling in a bubbles on a  worksheet not unlike the ScanTron sheet of yore with a pencil.  I haven't used a pencil since, well, since the last time I filled out a ScanTron sheet.  Derek has written four possible scenarios for us to choose from.

Below, you can listen to Derek lay out all the possible scenarios Jim and I get to choose from.  I recorded this mostly because, A. I got a fancy new iPhone the other day and wanted to play with the recorder feature, and B. I am trying to be more diligent about remembering thing and since I drink too much wine sometimes I have decided to start recording certain things.  Take a listen and enjoy!  The dude talking is Derek and the chick with the thick Minnesotan accent is me.  Oh, and never mind the babbling and sometimes crying toddlers in the background, those were just our children we were neglecting.  J/K!  We were taking care of them, my niece Evie was getting mad because Derek kept taking her out of the dog's water dish.

I'm also pretty proud-y pants of myself for making this Audio-Visual project all on my own!  Maybe since I am now partaking in such a dorky activity such as RPG I am now absorbing all other kinds of other dorky knowledge.

Oh, and the pic: Jim, Derek and Yours Truly.

Also, this is a ridiculous amount of dice.

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