Saturday, April 7, 2012

David and Co.

My mother is the main reason I have such an interest in the paranormal and all things Halloween-ish, as you may have gathered from my previous blog posts.  For example, just yesterday she came over to bring my daughter and step-son their Easter baskets she got them.  My step-son, Quinn, was telling her all about the episode of Criminal Minds we watched in Wednesday night (I am a horrible parental figure.  I let my 11-year-old stepson watch this show on a regular basis.  There are certain episodes that I deem "Not Quinn Appropriate", or NQA, that he is not allowed to watch.  The criteria for those episodes either mean they include incest, rape or cannibalism.  See?  I parent!)  The episode had demonic overtones, to which my mother told him was all true.  And then he told her about the end of the episode where the killer was tipped into the well he was drowning his victims in.  "Well, that's justice!" My mom said.  She then went off on a small tangent how the moon isn't a planet, it's hollow and serves as a space station.  In fact, my mother told Quinn the United States did in fact send men to the moon but we were warned off the planet by the aliens that already laid claim to it.  I don't know if she's serious or not when she is saying these things, but if she keeps it up and I continue to put her theories online she's going to find herself in some kind of government hospital for "exhaustion."

I could really dedicate an entire blog to my mother.  She is unlike any other person I have ever known, and not just because she gave birth to me.  She is a unique woman and I am proud to call her my mother.  She has made me the person I am today and continues to help me grow and flourish as a person and a mother myself.  In fact, she is coming with me on April 9th to my Ghost Hunting 101 class!

Anyways, let me get to the point of this blog.  Her dolls!  I have blogged about creepy dolls before, but Gigi doesn't have anything on these dolls.

This is my mother's doll collection from when she was a child.  The one in red, David, she has had since she was a year old. my mother was born on December 31, 1958, so that's impressive.  She said she named him David, but to me, that is clearly a female doll.  There is blue eye shadow on it, and I doubt toy makers where terribly progressive back in the late 1950's.  My aunt Carla, my mother's younger sister (and torture mother did some not-so-nice things to my aunt when they were growing up.  My personal fav, putting her hand over the light switch in the bedroom they shared so when Carla went to turn on the light, all she felt was a hand.  Nice one, Ma!) said when I posted this picture on Facebook, "I remember all these dolls.  That one in red....a little creepy."  Much like my sister and Gigi, David only gets love from my mom. When Mom first got David he did have hair, which she pulled out evidently.

The bigger doll wearing the purple dress with the wonk eye was a "walking doll" (she can totally get up and walk, you guys!) You could hold this doll's hand and walk with her and she would walk along with you by perpetual motion.  Mom says she was a very high-tech doll for her time.  The smaller doll was a gift from my mother's grandma she likes to hang on to.  Now, the one in the blue dress is the one I remember the most.  I used to love her.  I loved her soft felt dress and how flimsy she was.  Apparently my mom would use the skirt of the dress, which is storage, to keep my pajamas in when I was a child.  I would put my jams in her skirt every morning and zip them up and take them out at night.  I don't remember the pajama storage aspect of this doll but I do remember playing with her.

And, of course!  Each and every one of these dolls shut their eyes when you lay them down.  What good, creepy doll wouldn't?

Personally, I don't find David all that creepy.  He just looks old and worn out.  Now that walking doll in the purple dress and the goofy eyes, she's the one you gotta look out for.  I can imagine her standing over my bed in the middle of the night with a butcher knife.

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  1. Any combination of the words "doll" and "walking" is freaky as hell.