Thursday, April 19, 2012

Halfoween Garcia

Halfoween is right around the corner, you guys!  What's this Halfoween business, you ask?  Well, the end of April is Halfway to Halloween, of course!  Anoka's former baby mayor and lifelong Anoka resident Bjorn Skogquist thought it would be a blast to remind ourselves and everyone else why Anoka is the Halloween Capital of the World (without having to thrown another GD parade.) Knowing everyone and being as well-liked as he is, Bjorn has convinced all seven bars in Downtown Anoka to participate in a Halfoween celebration!  A scaled-down version of the clustereffe'd-ness and general craziness that occurs on Halloween in Downtown Anoka.  Most of the details are sill on the DL, put there is a meeting happening tomorrow between people who employee me and Bjorn to discuss what exactly is going to happen.  As far as I know, I may end up working in some of the bars selling items and encouraging patrons to get their faces painted, buy some sort of costume items so they aren't left out on some of the Halfoween discounts the bars are offering those in costume, etc.  Like I told my co-worker Lauren tonight and who happens to be attending the meeting, "I can hustle, girl.  I can hustle.  Especially drunk people."  I am looking forward to it!

However, I can't go out on Halfoween and not have a killer costume, no matter what I end up doing! Like I have mentioned in previous posts I watch a lot of Criminal Minds, and who better to dress up as on Halfoween than none other that blondie tech extraordinaire, Garcia.  She is a bright, colorful, charming and an all-around fun character, so I look forward to paying homage to her on Halfoween.  For those of you who aren't familiar, here she is:


Now, I am not a blonde person.  The woman that bore me, yes, is a blonde person.  My female sibling is a blonde person (well, not right now she isn't) I?  Not a blonde person.  I look terrible as a blonde person.  I only dyed my actual hair blonde once, with my sister's help, and it looked awful.  For some reason the dye didn't reach the tips of my hair and they remained dark brown so I looked like a lemon meringue pie.  But, I am willing to be blonde for one night to achieve my Garcia look.  Here is a look at me in my blonde wig.

The wig is called "Goldie" after Goldie Hawn, and it is a very platinum color with a small bump in the back, but it is very cute and workable.

As for what I am thinking about wearing as eclectic Garcia:

Forgive my messy house.  I don't know how crazy I am about this dress for Garcia.  I personally, love it, but I am a black and white kind of gal.  My personal wardrobe is lacking in color.  That red thing I have on was the only thing like that I could find in my closet that wasn't black.  Yes, that is my step-son on the couch in the background trying not to be in the picture.

Also, the shoes.  I am not a high-heel person at all.  I am only 5'4 and appreciate a little height when I can get it, but I dunno, I have weak ankles or something....but I will wear proper Garcia footwear the night of Halfoween.

And clearly, I have not accessorized in any way, shape or form for my Garcia costume.  I looked through my jewelry box, and save for the SpongeBob Squarepants watches Burger King was giving away ten years ago that I obsessively collected for some reason, I have no real quirky jewelry.

But, I am pretty pleased with the wig and, of course, the glasses, since they are mine.  It's nice for us bespectacled girls to have another costume option besides Velma from Scooby-Doo.

I will keep you updated on my Halfoween findings, it's only a week away!

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  1. I can't wait to see how your costume comes together!