Sunday, April 29, 2012

Halfoween Is A Thing Now

Apparently, last night on Nickelodeon iCarly was all about Halfoween!  And I spent the better part of my morning watching a Monster High movie on *Nickelodeon because they were celebrating Halfoween Weekend!  Love it!

I, of course, went out for Halfoween in the only and best place to do it, Anoka, MN: The Halloween Capital of the World!  I was going to be Garcia from Criminal Minds only last week!  But, much like a Lady Gaga or Bootsy Collins Halloween costume, you cannot half-ass a Garcia costume, and, due to lack of time and so one, I kinda was.  So, I threw together a creepy doll costume with some stuff I had hanging around the house:

My co-worker Lauren (Wonder Woman!) did my make-up!  Here we are with our awesome boss Mary:

I have owned that polka-dot dress for nearly ten years now and was beyond thrilled I was still able to fit in to it, post-baby (yes, 18 months post-baby, but in those 18 months I haven't had a reason to wear a poufy polka dot dress, alright?)  

The group we were with, made up of people I didn't know, including a Frenchman who we taught to say "Trick-or-treat" which was very sexy, wasn't very large, but we did pique a lot of interest!  One lady even took a group of her friends out of the bar to come and gawk at us!  And the phrase "Only in Anoka!"  was said more than once.  And one bar patron declared the local news should be called to document this Halfoween business!  

My braids and lips did garner me some uncomfortable compliments from men who were missing teeth and twice my age (not that if the same thing was said to me by a young good-looking man would have made it any less uncomfortable....maybe if he had a French accent...) but that's okay.  

Only in Anoka, am I right?!

Hopefully, next years Halfoween will be a little more successful and organized.  I think if we advertise it during Halloween, kind of like a "See you in April for Halfoween!" that would help tremendously.  Plus, I think if there were two reasons a year to wear a costume people would be all over that, especially if you get cheaper drinks because of it!

We had a blast, and I am very tired today (I co-hosted a baby shower during the day!  Whew!) but it was well worth it!  Happy Halfoween!  

*I just realized I mentioned Nickelodeon twice in the first paragraph.  I am 28 years old, much too old to be watching Nick my excuse is....I have two kids!  (One is only a toddler and one was at his mom's this weekend, but still....that'll work.)  

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  1. I am 33, have no children (only cats - make of that what you will) and I watch Nickelodeon on a daily basis. I <3 iCarly and Big Time Rush! James 4evah!