Sunday, April 15, 2012

Equally Opportunity Halloween Boob Tattoos

I was going to write this big long blog about the pros and cons of Halloween-inspired tattoos, and than I ran across this.
As an haver (is that right?) of four tattoos and someone who has had a baby, this looks incredibly painful.  Let me just say, I love it.  I think it looks so cool and the bats look unique and very spooky, But, getting the underboob and sideboob tattooed makes me want to cry.  Especially the bigger one on the underboob!  That wing is coming awfully close to the nipple girl!  Watch it! 

But never fear, ladies.  A man has also ventured into the Halloween boob tattoo with this sexy nonsense.  I guess I don't if the male nipple is a sensitive as the female nipple but if it is, why the eff would you let a sharp, vibrating needle with ink anywhere near it?! 

I had a really long weekend, you guys.  

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  1. Yikes. That guy should definitely never be showing off that tattoo.