Thursday, April 12, 2012

Don't Torture Your Clothes!

As a stay-at-home mother in charge of two toddlers all day I don't get much of an opportunity to indulge in my Halloween-ness, unless we are reading a book or I am trying to get the girls to play with The Count plush which my daughter loves and tries to feed Goldfish to :

Also, when the girls are napping I usually get a chance to turn on Criminal Minds or The First 48 or whatever else A&E happens to be airing at the time while I clean up from lunch, fold laundry or whatever else bullshit stay-at-home mom thing needs to be taken care of.  However, when I do have the TV on something mundane and background noise-ish while we play or read books I always get a kick out of the creepy torture Woolite commercial.  (Click this link, you guys!) 

So clever!  I LOL-ed heartily the first time I saw it and it turned out to be for something as innocent as Woolite.  Now, I am not a huge fan of the so-called "Torture Porn" genre of movies. I don't like gore and they seem to be rife with unnecessary violence towards women.  I did dip my toe into the torture porn pool however (the pool needed to be cleaned).  To see if we could handle it or not my friend Kristi and I decided to watch both Hostel 1 and Hostel 2 one night, which we tolerated with quite well.  Hostel 2 is basically two hours of three women being tortured in incredibly inventive ways but not a single one of the women in the film were victims of any kind of sexual assault.  I applaud that tremendously since rape is probably the easiest way to depict violence towards women on screen.  It was almost refreshing!  Well done, Eli Roth.  I like to think he is a feminist. But I digress...

It was fun to see a fresh take on something as mundane as laundry soap and to see it not so blatantly geared towards women.  It's just a creepy-cool commercial.  And I love seeing it in the middle of the day because I like to imagine the other stay-at-homes who cluck their tongues or switch the channel at the sight of this commercial.  I like to judge other stay-at-home moms and imagine them as big 'ol lame-os.  Am I doing a disservice to my gender who like me, decides to stay at home and raise children and run a household?  Probably, but it's not like I go up to the women with the stickers of Every. Single. One. Of. Their. Damn. Kids. on the back of their mini-van and push them into a puddle (which I would love to do, especially the mom with the stickers on the back of the van with not only the kids, pets and "hubby" but the names underneath each stick-figure decal, along with two other stickers of dancing girls with the name of the dance studio the girls attend along with their names again, who parks her van in the driveway of her home which I drive by everyday on my way to school.  She is just a few decals away from sticking on her van when her and her husband are at home and which windows on her house are for the kids' room.  Idiot.)

Fun fact!  This commercial is directed by Rob Zombie!  Yes, Rob Zombie!  


  1. Oh man! I did not realize that commercial was directed by Rob Zombie - now that i know it's so totally obvious! I LOVE that commercial! I laughed so mightily at the reveal at the end. And I chuckle every time I see it!

    I remember our Hostel-a-thon with such fondness. Eli definitely has to be a feminist - especially with how Hostel 2 ended. Classic stuff! Good times...we need to have another ridiculous movie marathon like that - but maybe with something less gorey but equally hilarious!