Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Confusion Is The Color Of My Energy

I'm sometimes amazed by how stupid I am.  No, wait, that's not fair to me, let me start over.  I am sometimes amazed at how hard it is for me to grasp certain concepts.  Sometimes I think I have a learning disability or something, (I know what you are thinking, "You do have a learning disability, it's called wine."  But I had this same problem when I was a kid too, so neener, neener.)  It mostly happens when I am trying to learn something about math or science.  My brain just shuts down and I immediately start either thinking about something else or get so confused and overwhelmed I feel my thoughts get all jumbled up and then I shut down and start thinking about something else.

The last time this really happened was when I interviewed Paranormal Investigator Ross Beard for the blog post Interview With A Ghost Hunter.  Ross, bless him, thought I was smarter than what I really am, science-understanding-wise.  We got to talking about limestone under the streets of my beloved Anoka, MN.  This was the first time I had ever heard of the so-called "Limestone Theory."  He tried to explain it to me, and asked me if I knew anything about quantum physics.  I refrained from telling him that most of my knowledge on anything "quantum" is Quantum Leap (my favorite episodes were when he had to dress like a lady.)     I am not going to try and explain the Limestone Theory, not because I don't understand it (I kinda do...) it's because I cannot explain it with confidence because I don't feel like I really know what I am talking about, it if that makes sense.  Okay, here are the Roxy Notes: The Limestone Theory is like, okay...like, okay....if water runs over limestone it creates quartz and crystals and traps energy, and that is why some buildings and other locations that are fraught with mostly residual hauntings, it's because the energy is trapped by the earth beneath them.  So, okay, are you with me?  It's okay if your not because I'm not.  I think I am sort of right, but mostly wrong.

I think the Limestone Theory holds a lot of water (pun) when it comes to proving any type of paranormal because it's something that is not easily argued away.  You can't say, "No, there isn't limestone here, limestone doesn't exist!"  It does!

So, anyways, I was talking to my husband Jim today, who often hears me go on and on about how I don't get things, and we started talking about energy.  It's true that once energy is created it doesn't go away, yes?  Then, to put it in broad terms, why isn't the existence of "ghosts" or whatever you want to call that trapped or stuck energy more widely accepted?  If I am energy and my heart stops, my body dies, but my "energy," whatever is propelling me forward through life, doesn't die.  It's still here.  Now, when you say it goes to a different plain of existence, then that is when you get into the religious and spiritual aspect of things, but "scientifically" (is this science?) it would almost have to be common knowledge that that energy that created your life force, your energy, is still around.  Jim made this point, "When you start a fire, it burns up whatever you are burning, then it turns to smoke and goes up into the atmosphere and then it turns into rain or whatever else, it's always evolving and changing, but it's still there."  So, why isn't this the same for human energy, animal energy...am I making any sense?!

The more I think about all of this, the more I feel like I don't think its completely silly to believe in all the ghosts and hauntings and all the other things most people feel like they can explain away.

I woke up with a migraine this morning, you guys, and most of the day I have had that "Uuuuuuuggggghhhh" hang-over-y feeling one gets while recovering from a migraine, so I hope this blog post made sense.  It made sense, right?

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