Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Palmer House Part Two

Here are some of the photos we took during our time at The Palmer House:

Here I am outside The Palmer House.  This building was constructed in 1901 after the original Sauk Centre Hotel burned down.  The streetlights in Sauk Centre are a little more modern.  There is an automated, irritated male voice that tells you to "WAIT." after you press the crosswalk button, and then he tells you again to "WAIT." again....and then when it's your turn to cross the street he starts a very stressful countdown and boy, you better hustle across that street before he gets to one!  This voice made us tell each other to "WAIT." all night and to ask each other, "What is your WEIGHT." and as we drove home through "WAITE." Park.  It was endless LOLs.

 Here is the front desk.  I love the old-school key system and mail boxes.

The Grand Staircase.  I almost fell down them SOBER, mind you.  And where we felt a strong force telling us to GTFO as we scurried down them in the middle of the night, bags in hand, Scooby-Doo style.

The lobby had a handy-dandy fainting couch, since I'm sure it is used for actual fainting on occasion.

In the pub on Friday the 13th.

We settled in nicely and designated the fourth glass of wine to the female spirit, Lucy.

Apparently, our conversation was captivating to me. Or I was just staring at this....

This is the window of the cute little Main Street store.  They love their ghosts in this town!

These cool stones adorn all the banisters throughout the hotel.

Me and my sister Cori hanging out in the pub!

This lovely lady's portrait sits behind the bar.

Let's explore Sauk Centre!  Oh, that's it?

The hallway.  It wasn't so cozy and warm once the sun went down.

Room 11, said to be one of the most haunted  We were next door in Room 9.

Hey, Ghost Adventures filmed here!  It's going to air in September!

See!  Soda?!  C'mon guys...

Us girls being silly in our room after Christy decided she didn't want to sleep in her twin bed...

I took one last picture after this one of all our legs in the air being silly and I texted it to my husband as a "Ha, ha, you're missing out on sexy fun times!"  And then...we had to leave.

Why?  You ask?  Well, you need to read Part One of our Palmer House experience.

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  1. Hahaha! What good times! Love the pictures!