Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Halloween Hottie of the Day

What can I say?  I've mentioned the Tall, Dark and Handsome, he has a penchant for referring to females as "sweetie" (while some women may find this irritating or condescending, I think it's sort of enduring, especially coming from a person with such a masculine energy) and he seems like one of the nicest guys on television.  Aside from the questionable hairstyling choices and apparently not owning a t-shirt that isn't adorned with a bedazzled cross or some other religious symbol, things that are more than forgivable because those Gucci sunglasses and colorful sneakers make up for it.

Behold, your Halloween Hottie of the Day, Paranormal Investigator Extraordinaire, Zak Bagans.


  1. I hear his name and I just want to make Hobbit jokes (which, I'm sure the poor guy gets all the time!)

  2. Rght?! And it's funny because he is the opposite of Hobbit-esque. Super tall and all muscley...