Thursday, July 12, 2012

Palmer House Preparation

Tomorrow is the day!  I am off, along with my sister Cori and our sister-from-another-mister Christy to The Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Centre, MN!  I cannot wait!

I have traveled to Sauk Centre many times in my life, most recently in 2004 when my great-grandma Angeline Klasen was in a nursing home there run by nuns.  My Grandma and I went to visit her for the day and a few weeks after that she passed away.  She was 94-years-old and smoked non-filtered cigarettes most of her life and WAS NOT killed by lung or any other type of cancer so, good for you, Angie!  I haven't been since, but as a kid we always came through Sauk Centre on our way to visit relatives "up home"  Oh, and yes, Cori and I may have affectionately nicknamed it "Suck Centre" when we were younger, but, I am excited to see how much of the town I actually remember.

Nerves are setting in though, because I am a chicken.  I was offered some paranormal investigation equipment from my friends at Anoka Paranormal Investigations, a Mel Meter, K2 dealy-ma-bob, something with a lot of lights on it that makes the room look like a cheesy disco or wedding reception...I opted to just borrow a digital recorder.  I figured this way, in case I am so frightened by something and I spill my wine glass, I won't ruin hundreds of dollars of equipment that isn't mine.  Plus, I am going with Christy, who is beginning to hone her medium skills a little more and is really trying to get a untainted and organic read of anything and everything she can while we are there, and without the equipment maybe picking up on something like an electrical current from the outlet or something else that may read as paranormal but is actually quite ordinary and explainable. Also, The Palmer House are no fools and charge people 250 dollars a group to conduct paranormal investigations in their hotel, and if I am going to spend that kind of money there, I'm going to do it at the bar (Lord, I hope I don't...)

I was going to take the time this afternoon and watch a few of the posted video clips of paranormal investigations that were conducted at The Palmer House that are on their website, but I am now thinking "the less I know, the better."  I don't want to say it's pure nerves that are getting the best of me, it's also excitement.  I'm excited to get out of town if only for 24 hours, I'm excited to stay in a historic building in a historic town with two of my favorite people in the world.  I'm excited to see how late I can stay up on Friday night like I'm an eighth-grader at the cool girl's slumber party.  There are so many other things to be excited about on this little excursion than maybe running into a few ghosts.

But, if the ghosts want to hang out with us girls, they are more than welcome to!


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