Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Halloween Hottie of the Day-Ladies Edition

Emma Stone!  Ms. Stone wins this title on the 4th of July because she is not only an American (gotta rep the USA on America's birthday, after all) but also for Zombieland, which is an awesome movie.  And finally, for this quote that appeared in Entertainment Weekly two weeks ago: 

"I liked spooky things. Whenever we would go on vacations, I would want to go see weird things. When we went to San Francisco as a family, I made them take me to the house that Charles Manson lived in. I blame my mom for part of it. When I was 10, she went on this whole genealogy search and took us to the East Coast, and we went on a weeklong vacation where we went gravestone rubbing. I love all things spooky. I'm a Scorpio, you know."

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