Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Halloween Hottie of the Day

I tend to watch shows in the "marathon" form a viewing.  Meaning I watch them when A&E is playing a marathon of them.  Ha!  Criminal Minds is one such show I can suddenly lose a whole Sunday to.

Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds is a TV character after my own heart.  Nerdy, Smart, Awkward, Quirky Wardrobe Choices That Can Only Be Described as "Grandfatherly," Wearing His G-D Watch Over His Sweater Driving Me Nuts....and that small dash of the tortured, a pinch of brooding...ya know, as far as you can get on a CBS show.  And Jane Lynch plays his mom.  So, if that doesn't tell you what an awesome character he is, well then, I am at a loss, my friends.

Dr. Reid, and the really, really, ridiculously good-looking actor who plays him, Matthew Gray Gubler...he's totally a male model too, you guys. (MerMAN!) are super-duper Halloween fanatics!  No joke!  Dr. Reid even showed up to the FBI workplace (I'm starting to think an FBI workplace is all sorts of zany fun when it's probably the total Fox Mulder opposite) donning a Frankenstein's  Monster mask on one Halloween-themed episode, and even bragged about going to see some "science-magic" phantasmagoria show during another Halloween-themed episode! I bet he would have freaked out about Tupac's Pepper's Ghost!

Anyway, beholden to you, your Halloween Hottie of the Day: Dr. Spencer Reid/Matthew Gray Gubler (he was also featured on Celebrity Ghost Story!  So, you know he's the real deal.)

*Can I also say how much joy "Halloween-Themed" episodes of television shows bring me?  Immense.  Immense joy.*

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