Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Halloween Hottie of the Day

This self-proclaimed "Queen of Halloween" was my favorite of the three women on The Girls Next Door (yes...I was sucked into the occasional episode, mostly because it was like watching a sociology experiment with peacocks roaming around.) It was probably because we shared a love for the best time of year, but also because she seemed like she was kinda in on the joke of being a living Barbie doll.  To be fair though, all three of the Girls Next Door have actually gone on to live fairly respectable lives, but then again you don't often hear about former Playboy Bunnies going down the path of drug addiction  and serial murder so, good for them!

Your Halloween Hottie of the Day, the Queen of Halloween herself, Bridget Marquadt!

 And of course, in a Halloween costume. 

The Bunny thing is a little on the nose, but a Zombie Bunny!  Inspired! 

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