Monday, July 16, 2012

The Halloween Hottie of the Day

I know what you're thinking, "Who?"  or, "He looks vaguely familiar..." or "Seriously, who?"  But Cheyenne Jackson is wonderful!  Full disclosure, I only know his from 30 Rock and had to look up if he was really Canadian or not (he is...NOT) but he is earning Halloween Hottie status today for his adorable music video for his first pop single Before You.  It's very Buble-esque, which I'm not too crazy about (Michael Buble?  Totally Canadian) but the video stole my little Halloween heart.  A nod to The Munsters (did I hear that Cheyenne Jackson was actually going to be in The Munsters re-boot Mockingbird Lane, or am I just making things up about that show now?) Behold, Mr. Jackson, if you're nasty, and the Before You music video below!

1 comment:

  1. I wish he was in Mocking Bird Lane, he'd be PERFECT (and gorgeous) as Herman. But, he is not (to my knowledge). The main cast is Jerry O'Connell as Herman, Portia as Lily, Mason Cook as Eddie and most importantly (to me) EDDIE IZZARD AS (a really young looking) Grandpa!!

    Anywho, I love Cheyenne Jackson! He's gorgeous. And I love that Christina Cole stars in this video with him - yay, a Doctor Who alum!